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Short therapy, hypnosis and coaching practice
at the service of your change

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Hello, I'm Audrey Lintz, french mumentrepreneur and live now in Berlin, where I created my practice in short therapy in 2019. Certified hypnotherapist, professional coach, circle facilitator and trainer, with a background of +12 years in marketing and communication,

I support you in your personal and professional changes

and your life transitions (grief, birth, career change, expatriation, ,..).


I offer individual support where I use the tools of coaching, hypnosis and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and offer also collective workshops on the topics of personal development, well-being and as well as consultant in marketing & strategy for individuals and businesses.

The sessions take place at my office in Berlin and/or online, in French, German and/or English.

You want to change


Get out of your blockages,

overcome your fears...


Life transitions, "traumas"

Rebuild yourself, get through some difficult situations


Achieve your personal & professional goals


Find alignment and harmony with yourself and others 

There comes a time when we are faced with a fundamental questioning, where we no longer see clearly, where the future prospects are opaque, where self-esteem disappears, where we no longer manage to bounce back, where we feel lost.

And this is completely normal, however, you should not be alone.

It is in these difficult times that I offer you personalized support to help you clarify your personal and / or professional goals, to help you transform your relationships, express your needs, assert yourself, get started in the construction of your project and the realization of your dreams.

You are aware of your problem .. you want to change, to stop a habit that you consider negative, to free yourself from a fear that blocks you, to reconnect with your inner child, to overcome a period of crisis , mourning, ...

In short you have the will to change but you don't know how to get there. With hypnosis, I guide you in this change so that you draw on your inner resources, and your abilities to solve your problem.

As a professional coach and certified hypnotherapist, HypnoNatal practitioner, RITMO (EMDR), I offer support with the aim of living better, by connecting with body and mind.

I support my clients in their personal and professional life changes and transitions, by mobilizing their resources and skills.

Sessions for individuals and companies
Accueil: Services

Business & Life Coaching

This is one of my most successful services. Why ? Because it allows you to lead a happier and healthier life, to give meaning to your work and your life.


During the sessions, I help you:

- to develop a better understanding of yourself,

- to boost your strengths and confidence

- to overcome your fears 

- to manage stress

- to take actions in order to realize your projects.

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Hypnotherapy - Hypnobirthing - RITMO (similar EMDR)

Hypnosis is part of the so-called brief therapies, it is oriented towards the solution.

My role is to accompany you with your consent towards this state of consciousness between the state of wakefulness and the state of sleep, in order to make the changes that you consciously want to obtain by addressing your unconscious: stop smoking, strengthening of self-confidence, self-esteem, reduction of fears, release of negative emotions, better knowledge and understanding of oneself, management of stress and pain, sleep ...

I also offer sessions in HypnoNatal® , a method dedicated to childbirth, which takes place in 4 sessions in order to be able to free yourself from your fears.

I also offer RITMO sessions ( Reprocessing of Traumatic Information by Eye Movements) to manage trauma and emotional blockages.


Hypnosis Relaxation - Self-Hypnosis - Coaching

The well-being of your collaborators and employees is at the heart of your company. Offer them coaching and hypnosis sessions to help them better manage stress, and develop their skills and creativity within the company.

I offer workshops and self-hypnosis training.

Need help launching your brand, product? To find your positioning and communication? I also support my clients in the design and launch of projects: in the clarification and definition of their business strategy, marketing strategy to launch a project and / or product, help in defining their reason for 'be.

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These people did, so why can't you

Find more testimonials  on Google 

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Job Coaching

“I recommend Audrey for her kindness, her empathy and her listening skills. She was able to accompany me and adapt to my request by pointing precisely where I had to change my gaze and take action. A big thank-you . "

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Hypnosis - Fear of abandonment

“These sessions allowed me to free myself from this weight, from this addictive habit. My relationship with others has become more serene. Thank you "

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Hypnosis - Smoking cessation

“A huge thank you to Audrey, thanks to her for 3 weeks I quit smoking. It's amazing but true, in just a few sessions. No more desire, I can only recommend her .. "

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“In just a few sessions, Audrey managed to give me back the confidence to become a mother and to consider giving birth without PDA. Thanks to the tools and his great listening, I feel ready for the big day. "

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Hypnosis: Stress & Emotions Management

“I learned self-hypnosis techniques to help me better manage my stress and my emotions. Very effective on a daily basis. Thanks Audrey. "

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Hypnosis Relaxation - Life Coaching

Audrey allowed me to discover a whole new approach for me, hypnosis. It's a track that I had wanted to explore for a long time without ever having taken the plunge. That's done! Thanks to Audrey I discovered the world of hypnosis through a gentle and professional approach. I recommend Audrey because you can have confidence in her and in her adapted and effective coaching methods. Thank you! "

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Make an appointment or Contact me

Do you need help to change and achieve your goals ?


So, contact me to set up our first call!

This session is FREE and without obligation. The call will be around 20 minutes ( by Skype or by phone.)

The goal is to get to know each other, to answer all your questions, to clarify your expectations and objectives in order to define the program that would suit you best.

We will move forward together, so it is important that you trust me.

For that, I let you send me your contact details and quickly give me more information on your needs.

All information remains confidential.

Thank you, I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for what you sent !

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