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My services for companies

We notice nowadays that more and more companies and organizations are making quality of life at work (QWL) a priority issue in their HR strategy.

This is why I offer various supports to allow companies to manage the well-being of their employees in order to strengthen the performance of the company.

Individual hypnosis & coaching sessions:

It can be coaching and/or hypnosis sessions according to the needs and problems of your employee.


Support can be provided on everyday subjects: stress, emotional overload, mental overload, sleep disorders, smoking cessation, conflict management, speaking out ...

Support is provided on regular time slots, I receive your employees individually for one-hour consultations at your premises (time slots to be defined with you) and or by videoconference.

It usually only takes a few sessions to achieve the desired goal.

Collective hypnosis session:


The topic of the collective hypnosis session is to be defined together according to your needs.

It is possible to work on a daily well-being: end procrastination, improve priority management, strengthen self-confidence, better manage stress

He can also work on the development of skills and performances: creativity, collaboration, productivity, public speaking, team management

Hypnosis can also allow your employees to better experience the changes facing your company: conflict resolution, company reorganization, layoffs ...

The session is therefore tailor-made.




It is also possible to create initiation to hypnosis and self-hypnosis workshops in order to give you the concrete tools to understand what hypnosis is and how you can use it in your daily work.

Marketing & communication consulting:


For the launch of a brand, and or a product, and or project: definition of the communication strategy: definition of your objective, positioning, identity and purpose, as well as the various marketing levers to be used.

Possibility also to write marketing content.

The benefits for companies:

  • session offered and / or support offered by the employer: a rewarding "gift"

  • session allowed during working time: a mark of trust that empowers

  • special attention paid to the individual, to the well-being of its employees & collaborators

  • reinforcement of the positive image of the company - of the brand

  • sustained productivity

  • better quality of presence

Contact me for all requests for information or quotes
Contact me for any information or quote requests by email at or by phone at 01577 4019578.