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“Make your life a dream, and a dream come true.” Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Having more than 10 years of experience in marketing & communication, I decided to give meaning to my work and to train as an NLP coach and hypnotherapist in Berlin.

I founded Alintz-Coaching In Berlin in 2018 with the aim of helping individuals develop their potential, gain self-confidence, carry out their projects and achieve their life goals.

As a certified NLP coach, I support you at key moments in your life, to redefine your priorities, build your projects, clarify your goals, and achieve your dreams by focusing on listening, dialogue, questioning and sensory experimentation. . Your present and your future will be at the heart of our discussions, with a search for meaning, the management of your stress & discovery of your emotional states resources, and the development of options allowing your evolution. A few sessions are often enough to get out of a blocking situation.

As a certified hypnotherapist, I help you enrich your communication with yourself and change what bothers you, on which you cannot consciously act. Support with hypnosis is effective in many areas such as: stopping smoking, weight loss, stress management, emotions, fears ...


As a woman, mother and entrepreneur, trained in HypnoNatal, I decided to support women in the changes and transformations of life. I know your problems, your fears and doubts very well, and this is why I wanted to support you in order to strengthen your confidence, your intuition to experience a natural birth and become a mother.

If you are interested in support or if you have any questions, contact me by phone: 01577 4019578 or by email:

My diplomas:

- Master in Communication & Marketing (2008 - ESC Bordeaux)

- Certified Coach (QRC) - BTA 2018

- NLP Practitioner (DVNLP) - BTA 2018

- Certified Hypnotherapist - Berliner Hypnosepraxis 2018

- Certified HypnoNatal - Lise Bartoli 2019

- Hypnosis & Trauma -  AFNH 2022

- Hypnosis & Sexo - Lili Ruggieri 2022

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À propos de moi: À propos de moi
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