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Hypnose: Services

HypnoNatal ® is a technique based on physical and mental relaxation as well as visualizations, positive suggestions and metaphors, self-hypnosis exercises specially created for the state of pregnancy and childbirth.

It consists of 4 sessions. Each session is spaced 2-3 weeks apart and lasts 1h30. A booklet and audio are provided. The partner is strongly recommended to also attend the first session. Through these sessions, future mothers will draw from them all the essential resources to fully experience their pregnancy and childbirth while always remaining connected to their child.

I also offer support for the post-partum period to help you regain your inner strength to live this period well and support you in breastfeeding.

Well-being: Free yourself from negative emotions and habits to adopt new ones

Negative emotions such as anxiety, anger, jealousy ... occupy a large place in our daily life. A work under hypnosis will make it possible to act on the unconscious mechanisms which automatically generate this type of emotional state, to free oneself from them in order to adopt more satisfactory ones for the person.

Well-being: Management of stress & anxiety

Who hasn't been tired for a long time, stressed by their work, anxious for their future? Stress is a problem that has continued to increase in recent years. I suggest you understand the source of your stress, your anxiety and especially to mobilize the necessary resources to face stressful situations.
Targeted hypnosis promotes stress reduction and thus gives you a positive attitude towards life and a better quality of life.

Well-being: Pain reliefs, sleep disturbances..

Hypnosis is very effective for resting and relaxing, regaining energy and recharging your batteries. The effects are not only felt on the psychological side, but also in the body.

Indeed, it promotes perspective on your problems, better stress management and easier to fall asleep, to relief your pains...

Relationships & performance improvement

Hypnosis allows you to transform your feelings and negative emotions, into positive sensations to overcome a breakup, a separation, a bereavement. 

Some sessions also help boost self-confidence, strengthen self-esteem and strengthen confidence in one's ability to do things: exams, speaking, decision-making ...

Child - from 7 years old

Hypnosis can also be used to solve various problems in children and children: bedwetting, lack of self-confidence, learning difficulties, sleep disorders ...

Personal development hypnosis sessions

Overcome addictions: Stop smoking

I help you to quit smoking and above all, not to resume.

Smoking is a habit that has become established over the years, and that is why it is difficult to quit.

The addiction is in your subconscious, and this is exactly where hypnosis begins.

Hypnosis will allow you to dialogue with the subconscious and therefore to reprogram this behavior in order to free you from this old habit.

But remember that in order to be successful in breaking free you have to be motivated and want to quit smoking! I cannot force you to do so.

Slimming: Weight loss

With specific hypnosis techniques for weight reduction, I help you achieve your wellness weight safely and sustainably.

Anyone who already has a diet knows that cravings, weakness, and irritability make it difficult to lose weight.

Hypnosis will allow you to reconcile with your body, to facilitate physical activity, to be able to differentiate between hunger and a compulsive or obsessive desire to eat, to relieve stress in a way other than eating and learning to savor food better, etc ...


Keep in mind that you alone are responsible for the results. Results can vary greatly from person to person. Your will and motivation are essential.

Well-being: Allay fears

Fears are many and varied, and have a protective function.

However, some fears are incomprehensible. Therefore, I help you to understand your fear and to change the perceptions and the emotions in front of this fear.

With hypnosis, I suggest you soothe the feelings and emotions linked to fear.

I also help you to free yourself from it and to develop your confidence and self-esteem.

Well-being: Pregnancy, birth, Breastfeeding, Post-Patum

Self Hypnosis training

3-hour workshop to learn the techniques to put yourself in self-hypnosis.

RITMO (Reprocessing of Traumatic Information by Eye Movements)

The RITMO® technique is based on visual, auditory or bodily stimulation (tapping on the hands, knees, etc.) from left to right, while the subject recalls his memory.

This process activates the areas of the brain involved until it "digest" the traumatic event by separating it from the emotion felt. The perception of the trauma changes, the event is finally integrated and then passed.


RITMO® is a brief therapy tool. One to a few sessions are sufficient in most cases.

Generally used for a single trauma: accident, aggression, bereavement ..., RITMO® also gives excellent results on emotional blockages, compulsive behaviors, fears, lack of self-confidence ... It is also possible to '' use this technique to improve your skills (for artists, athletes ...).

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