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Cours de méditation maternité
Hypno-Natal® Group classes for a confident & relaxed childbirth

Many women have negative associations such as pain and complications when it comes to giving birth. This affects the way we enter the birthing process, our ability to let go and it blocks the labour process.

With hypnosis techniques including self-hypnosis, you will be able to create your own bubble of calmness, to trust yourself and your body to give birth and become a mother

Group classes allows expectant mothers to discuss and share their own experience, to help each other and to create links and contacts for the post-childbirth period. However, it will be a small group of women to create an atmosphere based on trust and respect.

Petite main
What you will learn:
  • Relax, learn to relax physically and mentally

  • Develop your confidence, intuition and confidence to give birth

  • Release the pressure

  • Deconstruct childbirth fears and beliefs

  • Better manage stress and negative emotions

  • Learn to release physical tension and regain control over it

  • Increase communication with your child in utero

  • Positive childbirth

  • Reduce labor time at birth

  • Boost your energy

  • Consider a natural birth

Content of the group classes: 

it would be 4 sessions of 90 minutes in a small group :

- Session 1: Birth plan & Fears

-Session 2: Beliefs about the birth

- Session 3: Self - confidence (birth, becoming a mother..)

- Session 4: Pains, process of the birth -

During each session, you will learn

- theorie /concept/techniques (breathing, visualisation...)

- introspection exercice / exchange with the goup

- Relaxation experience with an hypnosis session 

The advantages 


-Regain confidence in yourself and your body to give birth



Hypnotic bubble to relax and connect with your child in-utero


Tools and exercises to learn to relax and manage pain


Emotional support, listening and support from the group, and from a professional

Next dates:

Next classes in group in 2023


Online Classes February: Every Wednesday at 6pm-7.30pm (online) :

1, 8. 15, 22 February


Online Classes April : Every Wednesday at 6pm-7.30pm (online) :

5,12,19, 26 April

Pricing for 4 classes: 180€ - Registration is mandatory -

Places are limited - group of 4-6 women

Pregnant Woman
I pre-register for the full program and / or workshop:

Please fill in your contact details and specify the date of the program and / or workshop you wish to attend in order to validate your pre-registration and guarantee your place. Once you have guaranteed your place, payment will take place to validate your registration.

Thank you ! You will soon receive an email to confirm your registration!


“Thank you Audrey, your various workshops allowed me to relax during my pregnancy and boost my confidence in my ability to be able to give birth peacefully! "Mom, of a 2 month old baby girl

“I recommend this program to all mothers who have fears and who want to experience their childbirth as they wish positively and serenely" Mum, of a 6 month old baby girl

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