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Session to change the perception of the trauma

RITMO is the Reprocessing of Traumatic Information by Eye Movements. This technique was developed by Lili Ruggieri. It is a hypnotic technique derived from EMDR.

The RITMO® technique is based on visual, auditory or bodily stimulation (tapping on the hands, knees, etc.) from left to right, while the subject recalls his memory.
This process activates the areas of the brain involved until it "digest" the traumatic event by separating it from the emotion felt. The perception of the trauma changes, the event is finally integrated and then passed.

It is a brief therapy and usually one to a few sessions is sufficient.

The RITMO or Reprocessing of Traumatic Information by Movements and EMDR have many points in common and their main difference is in the professional category having access to their learning. EMDR is exclusively reserved for healthcare professionals.

Generally used for a single trauma: accident, aggression, bereavement ..., RITMO® also gives excellent results on emotional blockages, fears, lack of self-confidence ... It is also possible to use this technique in order to improve their skills (for artists, athletes ...).

How does a RITMO session take place?

During the session, I practice bilateral stimulation while the person is thinking about the event.

The exercise may be repeated several times, until the person feels a satisfactory decrease in anxiety.

The objective is to modify the perception of the event by relying on the ability to find new mental and emotional resources.

The RITMO ® session is an integral part of a hypnosis session.


Session 1: There is a preliminary discussion to identify the problem, create a relationship of trust, visualization work to prepare the technique

Session 2: RITMO session

If necessary, additional RITMO session, depending on the person and the problem


RITMO® is a brief therapy tool. One to a few working sessions are sufficient in most cases.

The benefits of coaching
Coaching: Bienvenue
The applications are diverse

  • Trauma management: victims or witnesses of accidents, assaults, catastrophes, Corona confinement period ...

  • Post-traumatic stress syndrome

  • Emotional blockages

  • Fears

  • Generalized anxiety

  • Lack of self-confidence

  • Improved skills: creativity, endurance ...

  • Mourning

  • Support in addictions

  • Chronic pain

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