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Far from clichés, hypnosis is a modified state of consciousness which makes it possible to find solutions, to change behavior. More than a spontaneous cure, it is an apprenticeship and can become a healthy lifestyle.

Am I hypnotized?

We regularly hear the remark "I don't think I will be receptive to hypnosis!" ".

And yet… we all are! We have all already experienced a state of hypnosis, this natural state where you are here and at the same time elsewhere (e.g. in the car, when you realize that you have skipped part of the trip, or when you are reading or watching a movie).

How many sessions are needed?

Your unconscious has a relative notion of time. It can work wonders on certain points in one session, but also take the time to stagger realizations and changes, as you go through your future life experiences. It usually takes 3 to 6 sessions to work on a goal.

Does it work 100%?

Hypnosis can only change what you really want to change. My role is only to support you towards your own solutions. We are all different, so I cannot know the solution for all human beings. On the other hand, I learned to accompany you so that you find your own solution. In a hypnosis session, I make you an actor of your own change (this is also why it is essential that you hear and can react to the session). Therefore, if you want to quit smoking only to please those around you, it is very likely that the session will not be effective. On the other hand, if you are determined to quit smoking and it is important to you, hypnosis will be useful for you.

Starting at what age?

Support can be provided from the age of 7. The child must be able to communicate well and want to change. Hypnosis is accessible to everyone, women and men, children, adults and the elderly, who want to change.

Is there a risk that I will lose control?

Therapeutic hypnosis, and in particular Ericksonian hypnosis, is not spectacle hypnosis! The state of hypnosis is not a loss of control. This is more like letting go necessary to achieve your goal: this letting go brings you greater control of yourself.

Why do hypnosis?

A hypnosis session for therapeutic purposes aims to support a person in the depths of themselves through a modified state of consciousness, so that they draw on their own resources to find solutions to get better. . We then work directly with the person's unconscious (the part of us that we do not control) in order to correct the behaviors that hinder us


Hypnosis is effective for various situations: stress management, insomnia, fears, management of emotions, but also to facilitate the improvement of performance and learning. It can also help to better know oneself, to better cope with certain situations (bereavement, separation, moving ...). Hypnosis can also accompany pregnant women in order to better live their pregnancy and birth.

What is the difference between psychotherapy and hypnosis?

The hypnotherapist and the psychologist have two very different roles. They can also sometimes be complementary. The psychologist works on the conscious while hypnosis on the unconscious (the part of us that we do not control). Hypnosis is also a brief therapy that requires few sessions to resolve a problem.

How does a hypnosis session go together?

The hypnosis that I practice aims to live better, and works on the body and the mind, thanks to a modified state of consciousness. The sessions are individual, and are personalized according to your problem. Listening and trust are the basis of my support.

The sessions take place online or at my practice in Berlin. It usually takes 3 to 6 sessions

  • Contact by phone, free and without obligation to get to know each other and answer your questions, schedule the first session

    • Session 1: consists of simply discussing to set the objectives of the session, working on the suggestions, and visualization exercises - collection of information that will allow a good practice

    • Session 2: (1 week apart): hypnosis - put the person in a modified state of consciousness in order to work on the resolution of the problem envisaged

    • Additional hypnosis sessions to work on problem solving


How much does it cost?

It takes between 3 and 6 sessions.

Contact is free and without obligation - a 30-minute call to get to know each other and answer your questions.

The price for the first two sessions is € 250.

The additional session is 90 €.

What are the benefits of hypnosis?


There are many advantages:

  • Get to know you better and respect you better

  • Mobilize your resources.

  • Overcome your failures, Overcome your blockages and tame your fears

  • Better live a period of transition, mourning, separation

  • Boost your performance - improve your skills

  • Gain confidence, motivation and efficiency on a daily basis

  • Improve your relationship with others

  • Take action, move on


Who are my clients?

Women, men, adults, the elderly, children from 7 years old, pregnant women ...


All the people who have the will to change :)

Other questions ?

Make an appointment for a first free and non-binding exchange to get to know each other and answer all your questions.

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