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Coaching: Services
My approach "Coaching is the art of helping a person find their own solutions"

My support is individualized and it is adapted to your problem, context and needs.

Below me, coaching meets a need for support towards autonomy and self-learning.


This is why, through our sessions, I help you to question yourself, to put you in front of your own choices and I help you to reveal your potential in order to find your own solutions to your problem. So I help you tap into your resources and offer you tools to help you change. ​

My support is individualized: it is adapted to your problem, context and needs. I offer unique support because each human being is unique. I take into account your personality, your values, your blockages and your motivations in order to offer you the program that suits you best. The number of sessions is defined during the first session, but is readjusted together throughout to suit you. ​

I offer support for individuals and companies. 

My values


 ​I am deeply guided by my values ​​of authenticity, listening and benevolence in each of my coaching. You can deliver anything you want with confidence and without judgement. ​

Support oriented towards change and action

During our sessions,  there is a work of introspection and reflection, and tracks towards action. Between each session, exercises and micro-actions to perform are offered.

I use a range of techniques learned in training, tested and approved by my clients, which combines various methods, communication, visualizations, coaching, NLP, hypnosis to provide quality support, based on listening , empathy and trust.

I see coaching as a partnership towards the success of your objectives, and it is YOU who are the main actor of your change,

Coaching sessions with me

The number of sessions can vary from 8 to 12 depending on the nature of your goal. Coaching is generally spread over a period of 4 to 6 months.


Course of the sessions:

  • Contact by phone, free and without obligation: to get to know each other and answer your questions, schedule the first session

  • First session (1 hour) to define together your objective, the framework of the support, the number of sessions, their content and their duration.

  • This session is followed by 1-hour working sessions, spaced one to two week (s) apart: each new session allows you to measure your progress and continue to reach your goal, by implementing new actions.

  • A wrap-up session takes place at the end of the coaching. It aims to take stock of progress.

Personal work may be offered to you between sessions and is debriefed the following session.

What if we meet?

The benefits of coaching
Coaching: Bienvenue
The benefits of coaching

As a coach, I will not give you advice, nor offer you solutions, I will accompany you in your reflections


There are many advantages:

  • Get to know you better and respect you better

  • Mobilize your resources.

  • Overcome your failures

  • Overcome your blockages and your fears

  • Change your habits

  • Be supported in a period of transition and change

  • Take a step back on a situation, on your life

  • Gain confidence, motivation and efficiency on a daily basis

  • Improve your relationship with others

  • Take action, move on

So, are you going?

And possibility of having a free coaching - as a job seeker (Gutschein AVGS)

Turn this period of unemployment into an opportunity to take time for yourself, clarify and give meaning to your professional career.


If you are registered as a job seeker with Arbeitsagentur or Jobcenter, you can benefit from FREE coaching support. ​


Coaching of several individual sessions over approximately 2 months fully funded to meet your needs.

- job search

- professional reorientation ​

To benefit from this free coaching, you need an AVGS voucher provided by Jobcenter/Arbeitsamt. ​


Contact me if you have any questions and need help with this support.

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