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Mère tenant un doigt de bébé
HypnoNatal is for all pregnant women who want to have a soft and confortable chirldbirth

It is a method of hypnosis composed of 4 sessions, accessible to all future mothers in order to them to feel physically, mentally and spiritually prepared and reduce her awareness of fear, anxiety and pain during childbirth.

Created and taught for twenty years by Lise Bartoli , clinical psychologist and hypnotherapist specializing in perinatal care, this technique allows future mothers to draw from them all the essential resources to fully experience their pregnancy and childbirth while always remaining connected to their child.

I offer this Hypno-Natal® individual support, which is composed of 4 individual sessions, spaced 3 to 4 weeks apart, from the 4/5th month of pregnancy. Each session addresses a particular theme followed by a specific relaxation time rich in metaphors and symbols.

A booklet and audio recordings will be given to you at the end of the sessions so that you can practice at home.


During the sessions, we work on physical and mental relaxation combined with visualizations, positive suggestions and metaphors especially created for pregnancy and childbirth. It is a simple and accessible method for all expectant mothers. Thanks to a state of focused attention that promotes internal communication, this technique helps to live the pregnancy as serenely as possible and positively apprehend childbirth. It allows women to draw from them intuition and personal assurance in order to fully and actively experience the birth of their child.

I recommend to pregnancy partner to come at least during the first session in order to experience this state of well-being and learn to manage their emotions.

It is not a therapeutic and physiological support, but comes in addition to a medical follow-up.

Petite main
What you will learn:
  • Learn to relax physically and mentally

  • Develop your confidence and intuition to give birth

  • Relieve the pains of your pregnancy

  • Overcome your stress and your fears

  • Manage better your stress and negative emotions

  • Learn to release physical tension and regain control over it

  • Increase communication with your child in utero

  • Live in full awareness during pregnancy and childbirth

  • Strengthen your confidence in giving birth

  • Live better the postpartum period

 A method tested and approved by many women

-  You are interested in alternative methods such as hypnosis or sophrology, in order to live your pregnancy as serenely as possible and to welcome your baby with confidence in gentleness, calm and joy.


- You have already heard about and read the benefits of Hypno-Natal ®, and you want to test this method to live mindfully at birth


- This is your first baby, and you have fears and a lot of questions around pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period. Fear of the unknown, of what will happen, of the pain, of becoming a good mother ...


- You have had difficult experiences, a complicated or too medicalized first childbirth, you want the next child to be an actor in your childbirth

- You don't dare admit it: the more your pregnancy progresses, the more fears grow ... fear of dying, fear of not succeeding, of not being up to the task ... and you are therefore looking for method to learn to relax

- Nausea, heartburn, night cramps, stress and various tensions are your daily lot

- You wish to prepare yourself mentally for this new stage in your life, the transition from child woman to woman mother

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